1. Run a marathon
  2. Create a family tree
  3. Grow a garden
  4. Have my will completed by attorney
  5. Get passionate about a cause and spend time helping it, instead of just thinking about it.
  6. Write down you personal mission statement, follow it and revise it from time to time
  7. Learn to play a musical instrument with some degree of skill
  8. Write the novel you know you have inside you.
  9. Plant a tree
  10. Learn to speak a foreign language and make sure you use it.
  11. Swim with a dolphin
  12. Learn to snow ski
  13. Learn to water ski
  14. Learn photography
  15. Become debt free
  16. Take a cruise to Alaska
  17. Have a star named after me
  18. Skydive
  19. Do a Bungi Jump
  20. Write down your goals and then do something about them
  21. See the top AFI 100 movies
  22. Go scuba-diving
  23. Create backyard oasis
  24. Learn how to sew
  25. Do Photo Albums
  26. Begin Yoga classes
  27. Go a year where I remember everyone's birthday and either call or send a card
  28. Do a triathlon
  29. Get a passport
  30. Attend an event at the Olympics
  31. Study something you're interested in
  32. Learn something new
  33. Completely memorize multiplication times tables up to 12
  34. Have a foot massage
  35. Go for a picnic in a secluded spot
  36. Write a poem
  37. Climb a mountain
  38. Sleep under the stars
  39. Watch the sun set and rise
  40. Go white water rafting
  41. Take a helicopter ride
  42. Go snorkeling
  43. Spend a whole day in bed
  44. Take a dance class
  45. Have $5,000 money in the bank
  46. Work for yourself
  47. Treat yourself to a health spa
  48. Grow something
  49. Be able to do 100 crunches
  50. Build a sand castle
  51. Build a tree house sleep in it once or twice
  52. Complete a thousand piece puzzle and frame it
  53. Get to know one new person a week for a year
  54. Get something published
  55. Learn Cake-Decorating
  56. Visit All 50 States
  57. Hanglide
  58. Pay for the food of the person in line behind me in a drive-through
  59. Eat Everything On BBC's '50 Things To Eat Before You Die
  60. Learn a new skill each year
  61. Learn how to tie a tie
  62. Have a penpal
  63. Have a penpal in every country
  64. Complete 1 hour community service a week for a year
  65. Go see the circus
  66. Go to a random place (dart and map)
  67. Keep a regular journal
  68. Knit a scarf
  69. Learn to make a quilt
  70. Learn to play the guitar
  71. Look and feel amazing in a bikini
  72. Make a scrapbook of all adventures
  73. Perform 7 random acts of kindness in a week
  74. Restore a classic car
  75. Roll down a grassy hill
  76. Run a 7min mile
  77. Start a dream diary
    Take a pilates class
  78. Take kickboxing
  79. Try all 31+ different flavors of ice cream at Baskin and Robbins
  80. Try sushi
  81. Go horse riding
  82. Start a tradition
  83. Ride a ferry boat
  84. Have Family Games Night every week
  85. Learn to Knit
  86. Give someone a thousand Hershey's Kisses
  87. Carve my initials and my significant other's initials into a tree
  88. Grow a Rose Garden
  89. Bake a pie from berries I pick myself
  90. Learn to use chop sticks
  91. Go on a camping trip
  92. Leave a tip larger than the check
  93. Bowl 150+
  94. Make a cheesecake
  95. Fly a Kite
  96. Build a snowman
  97. See a play
  98. See a musical
  99. Graduate from college
  100. Do something nice for someone who will never find out
  101. Have a beauty makeover
  102. Have a mud bath
  103. Go kayaking
  104. Try pottery
  105. Exercise at least twice a week
  106. Have a professional facial
  107. Improve my diet
  108. Lose weight 60 lbs
  109. Take your own lunch to work instead of buying it
  110. Become a mentor
  111. Do something for the greater good
  112. Buy a homeless person some food
  113. Carry a donor card
  114. Contact an old friend
  115. Give your time to help a charity
  116. Give to charity
  117. Have a life coaching session
  118. Right a wrong
  119. Set aside time to spend with people you love
  120. Take photos of your family and friends
  121. Take time out by yourself 1 time a week
  122. Go whale watching
  123. Ride a horse along a beach
  124. Swim in the sea
  125. Use energy-saving lightbulbs
  126. List all of the things you would like to learn about
  127. Visit a museum
  128. Go to Church every Sunday and Holy Days
  129. Go to Confession one time a month
  130. Get Certified In First Aid And CPR.
  131. Fly First Class
  132. Rent a houseboat for a week
  133. Do 100 push ups in a row
  134. Install hot tub in back yard
  135. Send a message in a bottle
  136. Visit Vatican City
  137. Go fruit picking in the summer
  138. Learn to say I love you in 10 different languages
  139. Ride a moped
  140. See Cirque Du Soleil
  141. Visit Comedy Club
  142. Get professional massage
  143. See movie at the drive-in
  144. Win an award
  145. Try alternative medicine
  146. Take kids to Disneyland
  147. Remodel kitchen
  148. Go to NFL Football game
  149. Ride a motorcycle
  150. See the Northern Lights
  151. Watch a solar eclipse
  152. Send a secret to www.postsecret.com
  153. Don't complain about anything for a week
  154. Pay for a stranger's groceries
  155. Fire a handgun at a range
  156. Make a snow angel
  157. Go to a concert
  158. Go without technology for a day
  159. See people for their contributions and not their irritations for a week
  160. Build Fairy House
  161. Grow Herb Garden
  162. Grow Lavender
  163. Read all the Harry Potter book's again
  164. Read the Stand again
  165. Have my face painted
  166. Get a map of the United States to track my adventures
  167. Win on a Lottery Ticket
  168. Stand under a waterfall
  169. Attend a Chinese New Year celebration
  170. Plan and do something special for my 41st birthday
  171. Go to a grown up summer camp
  172. Go to Prom
  173. Take a tour of a Chocolate Factory
  174. Go through Hedge Maze
  175. Crush grapes with my feet to make wine
  176. Read a classic novel
  177. Go to professional sport event
  178. Go to Tuscany
  179. Go to Tillicum Village
  180. Go to Tulip Festival
  181. See the Fremont Troll
  182. Go on Underground Seattle Tour
  183. Go to a Comedy Show
  184. Take Duck Tour
  185. Go to Alki Beach
  186. Go to Seattle Arboretum
  187. Go to Leavenworth
  188. Walk Greenlake
  189. Run Greenlake without stopping
  190. Go to Shakespeare in the Park play
  191. Go to Seattle Opera
  192. Take kids to Nutcracker
  193. Take kids to Bumbershoot
  194. Go to Fremont Fair and Solstice Parade
  195. Walk barefoot on beach
  196. Be a bridesmaid
  197. Bike to work for a week
  198. Have a water balloon fight
  199. Buy a Gnome
  200. Learn how the stock market works
  201. Buy and trade stock
  202. Learn how to make fire without matches
  203. Put together disaster kit
  204. Create calendar of photo's
  205. Write my name or initials in wet cement
  206. Imagine something and achieve it
  207. Start a college savings for my kids
  208. Attend book signing
  209. Be buried up to my neck in sand
  210. Make my own ice cream
  211. Experience a mud bath
  212. Experience a hot stone massage
  213. Become a wife
  214. Become a mother
  215. Become a grandparent
  216. Go to tea
  217. Attend a State Fair
  218. Go down a zip line
  219. Buy a tea set
  220. Throw a coin in a fountain and make a wish
  221. Fly in hot air balloon
  222. Have Pedicure
  223. Go spend day at the spa
  224. Go skinny dipping
  225. Bury a Time Capsule
  226. Give Blood
  227. Have a picnic at park
  228. Have picnic at the beach
  229. Contribute to 401K
  230. Send a stranger flowers
  231. Go to race track
  232. Milk a cow
  233. Get another tattoo
  234. Dance in the rain
  235. Purchase and own a telescope
  236. Make soap
  237. Complete biography book
  238. Bake loaf of bread
  239. Bake a Pie Bake a cake
  240. Make a candle
  241. Go without eating carbs for a week
  242. Kiss under mistletoe’
  243. Fly in a piper cub plane
  244. See Alaska
  245. Go salmon fishing in Alaska
  246. walk 5k
  247. Run 5k
  248. Walk 10k
  249. Run 10k
  250. Walk 1/2 marathon
  251. Run 1/2 marathon
  252. Visit Mt Rainier
  253. Visit Olympic National Park
  254. Visit Pike Place Market
  255. Visit Space Needle
  256. Visit Mount St. Helen
  257. Visit Lake Chelan
  258. Visit Columbia River Gorge
  259. Visit Snoqualmie Falls
  260. Visit Ocean Shores
  261. Visit Olympic Sculpture and SAM Museum
  262. Visit Pioneer Square
  263. Visit International District
  264. Put gum on gum wall in Post Alley
  265. Go to Aquarium
  266. Go to Woodland Park Zoo
  267. Go to Ballard Locks
  268. Go to EMP
  269. Invent a holiday
  270. Go Christmas Caroling
  271. Learn to Rollerblade
  272. Make T-Shirt quilt for each kid
  273. Spend 5 days focusing on each of my 5 senses per day
  274. Organize a filing system the works
  275. Sit in a outdoor hot tub while it is snowing
  276. Organize a filing system the works
  277. Experience a unexpected kiss
  278. Have a dream come true
  279. Pick up someone elses litter
  280. Meet a public figure
  281. Make a Lifemap for 2012
  282. Kiss underwater
  283. Get on the bone marrow registry
  284. Read 226 Books is a year
  285. Get a charm bracelet and add charms for milestones in my life.
  286. Go on a romantic weekend
  287. Ride in a horse and carriage
  288. Write Juliet of Verona
  289. Send a care package to a soldier (anysoldier.com)
  290. Take a photograph of the same scene in the four different seasons
  291. Plant honeysuckle under my window
  292. Go to Circus
  293. Paint a picture
  294. Plant a butterfly garden
  295. Grow a bonsai tree
  296. Stay in Kokopelli Cave in New Mexico
  297. Buy Egyptian cotton sheets and towels
  298. Add a streak of red to my hair
  299. Get Cartilage piercing
  300. Plant Fruit Tree
  301. Own silk sheet
  302. Pick an orange off an orange tree
  303. Learn to coupon
  304. Buy an SUV
  305. Catch a fish and eat it
  306. Donate food to food bank
  307. Make Thanksgiving dinner
  308. Make scrapbook of my life with Scott
  309. Have a White Christmas
  310. Donate a gallon of blood
  311. Witness a shooting star.

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